Halo 5 delayed+Beta? Good thing or bad thing?

Halo 5 delayed+Beta? Good thing or bad thing? 

Halo 4 was by no means the greatest Halo game ever, it for one had MANY mistakes and at times was just frustrating. So why was Halo 4 so frustrating?  Halo 4 NEVER had a beta. When Bungie announced Halo Reach, they also announced a Beta which came alongside the purchase of Halo 3: ODST. When the Halo Reach beta was finally out alot of people had a few troubles here and there and what did they do? They reported it back to Bungie! What did Bungie do? They simply fixed it. Now i don`t blame 343i for now making Halo 4 live up to its expectations. Halo 4 was made by a team who are much smaller then they are now, 343i were going through a transition period,  A PERIOD OF CHANGE so therefore had no time for a beta. So who can blame them? It must of been hard to bring them game out in the time period never mind making a beta beforehand! But now Halo 2 Remake is rumored to be coming out this 2014 and with a beta for Halo 5 i feel IF TRUE this would be a great opportunity to give our feedback on Halo 5 and from there 343i can go and improve on it.

When people hear the word`delayed`or even read it the first reaction to many is panic. I for one will be extremely happy if Halo 5 is delayed.

Thing about it…


A game which has a extra time to be made and fixed is much better then a game which is rushed and comes out this year. Halo 5 needs this. It needs time. I would rather have Halo 5 delayed then to see it like Halo 4 (Not saying Halo 4 was terrible but it needs alot of improvement in the next installment). 

So my question is to you guys, Is Halo 5 being delayed a good thing and is a Halo 5 beta a good thing? 🙂 


Written by: Lets Finish The Fight

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