Halo Community Highlight: The Halo Project

Hello everyone welcome to the Halo Community section. In this article I’m introducing the Halo Community Highlight section, which aims to give community projects and members a platform for their content to be seen.
For the first Halo Community Highlight we have The Halo Project, a project which aims to repopulate Halo and the fan base across all titles. Whether you’re a fan of Halo Combat Evolved, Halo 5 or something in between, this project aims to have something for you.

Whilst the YouTube channel has just started, the team working on The Halo Project seems to be working to get their goal across to their audience, with other Halo Facebook pages helping out the cause.
The Halo Project aims to host streams every Saturday and Sunday at 12:00AM – 2:00AM BST (6:00PM – 8:00PM CTD or 4:00PM – 6.00PM PTS) over both the Master Chief Collection and Halo 5.
Whilst there are also plenty of other video ideas in the works that are due to be revealed, the plan is to give content for Halo fans of every game. Halo CE will have its own line of video content from the dedicated Halo CE content creator, as will Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4 and Halo 5. These videos will include community discussions, gameplay videos, information based videos and various other kinds of content.

The members of The Halo Project were kind enough to answer some of the more common questions they get which are as follows;

Q: What is The Halo Project?

A: The Halo Project is a hub and fun community for all Halo Players.

Q: What is The Halo Project’s goal?

A: To bring back the passion and popularity in Halo’s community.

Q: Why are we doing it?

A: If everyone just said that they missed Halo’s old community, nothing would get done about it. This is where we come in!

Q: Who are we?

A: We are a family of 5 team members, who are all passionate Halo players. We are The Halo Project.

If you wish to follow The Halo Project throughout their great journey or just ask them a few questions you can follow them on their multiple social media outlets found below:

The Halo Project YouTube, The Halo Project Twitch, The Halo Project Twitter, The Halo Project Discord, The Halo Project Facebook Page, The Halo Project Facebook Group.

~Were it so easy~

For any details on events or community projects, keep to date with the XBLG Twitter account and our XBLG Community Facebook group to check out if you fancy getting more involved with your fellow hubbers.
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Written by: Jordan Wharton

An avid gamer and Halo fan. Been in the gaming scene my whole life. Known for being the first person in the world to cosplay as the Halo 5 Master Chief. Love visiting Japan and America. Creator of the Halo Community section.

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  1. Thank you so much Jordan, I can’t thank you enough for saying all these nice things about The Halo Project and helping us get our views across!

    -Were It So Easy_

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