I guess an introduction to myself is probably appropriate as you’ll see an awful lot of me in the near future. Without further ado…

My name is Davey, and I’m your new person to scream at and let me know how wrong I really am about the games you love on the Xbox/Microsoft Game Pass and other games coming out on the Xbox and PC.

I’ve been a video-gamer for most of the nearly three decades I’ve been breathing oxygen, and my profession is basically venting my views and detailed analysis about video games, films, books, music and TV, but thanks to someone recognising my skills, I am now the man you can yell at and call names if you think that I’m an overly-opinionated idiot and you want to question the validity of my parents’ marriage.

What’s your gaming Story?

My story in gaming isn’t particularly unusual: I started playing games using a Game Boy Colour, with Pokemon Red being the first game I ever laid my hands on. I then ended up owning a Sony PlayStation (the big one, not the baby one), and until last year, I was pretty much a PlayStation loyalist. I’d argue til I was blue in the face that I just preferred the PlayStation. That was until I got my hands on an Xbox One S and got to use Game Pass. Dear XBL Gamerhub readers, you can imagine my horror when I realised quite how much was available on the Xbox systems. Since then, my eyes have been well and truly opened into the possibilities of gaming, and now, I’m getting a Xbox Series X in November 2020.

So, what can you expect from me?

List articles, reviews, opinion pieces, explanation pieces and plenty of jokes, with a crank-out of about 5 articles a week, is my remit, and occasionally, there will be more. One of the things I’ll be looking forwards to giving you lucky people is my thoughts as I play through the one game series that nearly everyone has played, but I have yet to: The HALO series. The thoughts and review as I play along will be a monthly update, as I have other games to play for you, so you can work out whether to pass on a game or to download it.

The first game review will be with you on Saturday the 26th of September 2020, and it will be my review of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2.

Until then, if you want to email me any questions, or if you have any games you would like me to review, feel free to email me at david@xblgamerhub.com



Written by: David Armitage

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