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As mentioned in my Deus Ex article the back corner of the 18+ section at EGX hosted two very interesting presentations. Now I was really not fussed for Hitman after E3; I felt the game looked bland, boring, luck lustre and unexciting.

When I saw the game at EGX I was proved wrong on every single one of these aspects, the game is so incredibly detailed, methodical, builds anticipation as you play through a level and is all about timing. I did not realise how far Hitman has come along as a franchise from its early days, as I am not the biggest fan and it is not a game series I really followed.


When viewing the presentation at EGX I was surprised to find out I had caught the 1 presentation with a very special guest, Mr David Bateson who is the voice of Agent 47 the game series protagonist. When the presentation started he was greeted to the stage and then we were informed that the walk through of the game we were about to be shown would be narrated in real time by Mr Bateson. 
The interesting thing about Mr David Bateson is how much he actually resembles him on screen counter part, he looks more like Agent 47 than any actor who has ever played the character on screen, he also has a great sense of humour about this fact as well. He frequently made jokes about loud noises from outside the presentation (which was behind close doors) and that he would take out the targets for free. His presence maybe gave something more to the presentation for me than what would have been without him. 

The presentation we were shown was a level in Paris, your target was a high level spy ring master who is also a well known fashion designer and the stage for your assassination was a fashion show. This made for an interesting venue, situation and opportunity for a variety of different methods to dispatch your target.
The video was a walk through of the level and how we could encounter the level in so many different ways, when the opportunity would arise to kill someone the video would quickly go into a montage of the different ways you could dispatch someone. The video also showed us the different ways you can smuggle weapons or find stashed weapons throughout a level, interesting ideas on vantage points and areas you might not have thought to sneak through. 
The whole time David was on stage giving more sarcastic comments than Agent 47 would normally deliver, making comments about people being morons and the likes. It was interesting to see the man having fun when seeing the audience react to his dialogue delivery in real time. 


The games levels are detailed to an almost OCD level of attention, when walking through the halls you could notice the level of embroidery on a picture frame or the pattern of the marble was spectacular. The death traps were also commented to cover more square footage from the previous game and this opens up even more possibilities for distractions or straight out target kills.

A very interesting feature that was shown off was Agent 47 sneaked upon two guards and places an explosive device on the ground, he then hid in the bushes and threw a coin to get the guards attention. When the guard noticed the explosive device he attempted to disarm the device and took it to a safe place in the venue. We were then informed that the guard had just taken an explosive device into the level for us and that it could be detonated remotely. This was a feature that wowed a lot of audience members as we can now use these techniques to plan an even more thorough plot of assassination. 


I could write a lot more about this game, yet all I really want to say is this is not the game I was expecting. I was expecting more bland and boring and was pleasantly surprised to find I was wrong. The team have made a gargantuan effort with this game and I am happy to put my hands in the air and say I was wrong about it. 

Hitman is currently scheduled for release for 11th March 2016 on Xbox One.


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