HITMAN – Episode 2 Announcement



Hitman is a game about the complex and cruel nature of human beings and how one man known as Agent 47 has become so adapt at the art of ending people lives. The series has spawned numerous games in the series, and yet the latest addition has opted to go down the ever growing popular route of episodic gaming. 

This is a concept where the game is released in segments at intervals to keep the player wanting more while also allowing the game to be improved while it is already being released. It also gives the developers time to fine tune aspects of the game and create a rich experience for the player to keep returning to.
The first episode of the new title simply known as HITMAN was met with mixed reviews across the board, though here is what XBLG’s own Lewy had to say about the game. 


Last week was a short but sweet video announcing the games second episode being released on April 26th, though the background was of a costal resort. This can only open our minds to what is next in store for this episodic adventure.


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