Huge Content Updates coming to ARK: Survival Evolved – E3 2016


Studio Wildcard delivered all the exciting new updates at E3. Not only are we getting a few little updates, but whole new game-modes. At E3, Jesse Rapczak the studio co-founder and co-director showed us the new dinosaurs and changes happening in the world of Ark: Survival Evolved



The new redwood biome is rumoured to replace the central swamp of the island. It has taken inspiration from the new map, the centre, by adding ruins hidden among the giant redwood trees. Furthermore, some of the giant trees allow you to build a base and create you very own tree-house. Alternatively, like the trailer, you can create your very own Ewok village as a fitting tribute to Star Wars. 


The Titanosaur dossier entry 


The Titanosaur is the largest creature Studio Wildcard has ever released. This humongous Brontosaur creature will be a very rare spawn that will tower over everything. It’s back can support a huge man-made structure and its stomp can shatter wooden structures. This creature looks to be a fearsome beast of burden that could automatically make a tribe, the alpha tribe. Other than showing off its awesome destructive power, its rumoured the Titanosaur cannot be tranquillised and the only way to knock it out will be blows to its head. Could make for an interesting taming battle. I am still curious how the Titanosaur will combat the mighty Giganotosaurus.




Primitive + looks to offer a whole new set of aesthetic details. With new building structures and furnishings.

Primitive+ I am assuming is an upgrade to the primitive servers that already exist. Primitive+ will add help create a more community based gameplay. The devs stated the inclusion of markets and stall where users can easily trade goods. From the images above, we can see a lot more variation in structures as well as new furnishings such as fish racks, stoves, chopping boards and what looks like a butter churn. Perhaps a whole new cooking overhaul is coming to the game as well as fishing. 


See the world in black and white through the eyes of direwolf


Trouble with Arachnophobia? Maybe you should become the spider. 



The biggest content update coming? Well , if you haven’t guessed from all the images above. Yes you get to play as the creatures of ark. Primal Evolved will put the player in the role of a creature in ark. The objective is to gather your pack, build your den, raise baby creatures and fend off other creatures of the wild. Who knows if the game will mix in with other human players but the idea does appeal to me. I can soar around the skies as an Argentavis, or become king of the plains as a Rex, but my favourite will be a Direbear, fishing for salmon and wandering through the snowy peaks. With this development, VR in ARK seems like a possibility on the horizon.


Look for the bear necessities…

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Written by: Michael Saiger

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