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Developed and published by Super Smith Bros, Drawtopia is a game that takes you on a space journey of colour. You play as a ball and your objective is to aid that ball to reach the exit by drawing lines to guide the ball through intriguing puzzles. With full use of the touch screen for drawing and physics, this simplistic yet mind-boggling game, has over 60 unique levels. With six coloured rooms, and a rainbow room, each room contains and uses a variety of puzzle and trap game-play mechanics.



I was able to grab an interview with Steve Smith, who’d previously worked on the game for Super Smith Bros., but now works on his own stuff under the name Sleevesoft, to get his insight into the world of Drawtopia.


In a nutshell, describe what your game Drawtopia is all about?

A touch based drawing puzzle game for Windows Phone.

What is the concept behind Drawtopia?

It was really just a mechanic that my brother was messing around with at the time. He got it working very smoothly in terms of the line drawing and so we kind of started building a puzzle game.

Which part of this game did you love working on?

The level design was incredibly interesting as each stage offers a new trap that alters the way the ball moves in some way, such as gravity reverse.




What is your favourite part of the game?

The trap combinations are always really fun because once you’ve introduced a new trap at the beginning of a stage you can then mix with others to create all kinds of cool puzzles.

How do the game-play mechanics work?

Essentially draw a line with your finger that creates a path for the ball. You can collect 3 stars each level and each stage adds a new trap to mix. It’s then a matter of solving the puzzles and collecting all of the stars to unlock more levels.     

Is there a level in the game that people should particularly keep an eye out for?

Any level with gravity reverse. I love that mechanic!

What’s been your favourite level to play?

The Tetris themed level for sure.




I am loving the simple artwork behind the game, what was your inspiration for the art team to getting the artwork the way it is and reasons behind this?

The art team was just my brother and we wanted a very clean & bold style in terms of aesthetics with particles to juice the basic visuals. Simplicity was key as well as little effects to contrast the bold colours.

What makes this game stand out or different in comparison to other similar genre games?

We tried to take the more traditional drawing game & implement traps that alter the way the ball interacts with the level. A touch drawing puzzle hybrid which along with the art style, I think makes it stand out in relation to other drawing based games.   



The game has been voted one of the Virgin Media’s top 10 smartphone app games in August 2013 and voted by MSN Tech as best new app in September 2013. This colourful review has had glowing reviews from Windows Phone users. If you wish to test your deductive reasoning as well as your artistic abilities, then you would be glad to hear that this game is free (with ads) as well as a premium version also. The game is available for any Windows 8 phones and can be purchased via the Windows phone store.



Written by: Victoria Russell

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