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Flame Boy, developed by Crow Games, was originally a small game developed at a game jam at University of West of Scotland in January 2014. The theme for the game jam was “elements” and the developer came up with this game, which he later polished off and published on the Windows Store. Flame Boy is an infinite jumper where you have to attempt to stay alive for as long as you can while gaining a high  score, before the screen fills with water and puts your flames out. The higher you go the quicker the water rises!


The game has big rewards such as the piggybank, which adds the player’s altitude to the score. Randomization of power-ups such as the green arrows, which give you a super jump boost and you shot through the air. However, watch out for the rain drops and other debuff objects: which slow your character down and puts you at a disadvantage. There are other power-ups and other items to pickup or avoid, which adds to the player’s experience.


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XBL managed to get a quick interview with the developer of Flame Boy, Kenneth Mason. To find out more about this new indie developer joining the games market.


So Kenneth, is this your first published game?

No, I have a game published on called The Space Ace which I intend to put onto the Windows Store as well. I won the University challenge at UWS with it and it has also been nominated by UWS for the Creative Loop Competition.


What was the inspiration behind creating Flame boy?

When I was younger I played a game called Rainbow Island on the Amiga. It had water rise from the bottom of the screen where you had to be quick to avoid. When the theme of the Game Jam was ‘The Elements’, water rising was my first thought. Then I made the character who is made of fire and had him melt the ice platforms on landing on them hence why the water rises. The reason that it is an infinite jumper was due to time constraints but also because it can be quite an addictive game mechanic. 


What were some of the challenges that you came across within the game’s development? 

Getting the difficulty right, it was too easy at first.


What is your most proudest achievement when developing this game?

Getting it published onto the Windows Store. It’s definitely a good thing to do and once you’ve done it once it makes any further attempts a lot easier. Also looks good on the CV.


What is your plans for any other future games? 

I’m making a game at the moment for Windows Phone 8 which I’m going to spend a lot of time on. I’m going to try and make it as high a standard as I can as a lot of games that I have made have been University projects and so are not as in depth as I would like.


After having a play of the game myself, this is a great fast paced little game that’s great to pass the time with. It reminds myself of similar games, such as Doodle Jump. To check out Flame Boy, head over to the Windows Store, and play the game for free! If you had a play of this game – please comment below. 


Written by: Victoria Russell

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