Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation want’s you!


The Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) is the result of decades of mergers and acquisitions from what once used to be Hammond Engineering, who at one time had market dominance for the technology used in surveying planets and the maps that this produced (No Google maps I guess…). Within the Core Systems, IMC gets little or no criticism of it’s conduct on the Frontier systems, due to the excellent financial performance and the significant material benefits that the company provides to it’s customers. With such a dominant position, customers stay with IMC. The Corporation uses its control over shipping lanes and significant planetary resources to ensure maximum benefit to it’s shareholders, with the result that they are comfortable with the legal use of force where it is necessary.


Vice-Admiral Graves holds the title of CINCFRONT (Commander in Chief, Frontier Command). Graves does not drive a desk however, and as Frontier Operations are renowned for their lack of traditional formality, he often personally commands IMC forces in the field. His reputation as a maverick in IMC is underscored by his calls for changes in policy which are often deemed too dangerous to IMC forces in the field and unnecessarily lenient to Frontier citizens. Graves has history with MacAllan, who served as his Executive Officer until the IMS Odyssey mutiny.


Blisk is a South African mercenary who is on a long term contract with IMC to provide Combat Intel and Counterinsurgency services. Blisk has already earned enough cash to retire and live very comfortably, but he seems to enjoy his excellent remuneration and the opportunity to blow LOTS of things up with the latest in military hardware.


Spyglass units are used across the Frontier to handle logistics, navigation, deployment and communications with all of the IMC forces on the Frontier systems. Considered very expendable, and often used alongside ground forces they are used with dropships to provide intel and surveillance capabailities. (Okay I can’t be the only one here shouting GETH – but if you anthropomorphise a robot and stick a camera on it’s head, that’s what you get).

To keep you ticking over until the game arrives in March, here’s another chance to take a look at last years E3 footage – enjoy!







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