Update 4.9 is here for the World of Tanks with a whole load of new content for players, welcome to March madness tankers!

Italy joins the World of Tanks
The most notable of the new content is the addition of Italy to the World of Tanks. Hot on the heels of Poland’s inclusion to the game, the Italian nation launches with a new Premium Hero the Ariete Progetto. This super mobile medium tank is fitted with a powerful 90mm auto-loading gun, making it ideal for flanking manoeuvres. The Ariete is available now, with the rest of the Italian tech tree due to drop later on in the month.

The Ariete Progetto M34 Mod. 46 Medium tank

Commander Mode
A returning game mode has been added which puts a familiar twist to future battles. Commander mode allows you to assume the role of the field Commander and either give direct orders to your units from a birds-eye view, or team up with other players as a tanker and use teamwork to win the war. This is set to be a fan-favourite amongst the real-time strategy fans, and made even more appealing by adding keyboard and mouse support. Yes, that’s right you will be able to plug in a mouse and keyboard to your Xbox to rain down hell upon your opponents with point-and-click precision!

Commander mode returns in patch 4.9

Many other tweaks and additions have been made to Commander mode since it was first launched in November 2018 due to community feedback, including the chance to earn extra silver and the exclusive Commander’s Recon Medal. For the full low-down check out the Commander Mode page of the World of Tanks website.

Highlights only
Game replays can be more fun to watch through now thanks to the ‘Highlights Only’ feature. You can now enable this in the replay control bar to watch a condensed clip with several highlights available like Tank destroyed, Suicide or base capture start. Highlights only can be applied quickly and easily using the d-pad and toggling it on or off.

Enjoy the new highlight only feature in reply mode

Luck of the Irish
World of tanks celebrates St-Patrick’s Day from 15-17 offering tankers the ‘Luck of the Irish’. Players will receive a random loot drop for every 10 victories over the weekend with up to 100,00 silver up for grabs in each one.

Old maps return
Two maps of old have been added back into the multiplayer rotation, Berlin Winter and Icebound. Both are set in winter, have 4+ battle tiers and run the Standard, Team Destruction, Encounter and Assault modes.

Berlin Winter (above) and Icebound (below) both make a comeback to World of Tanks

Space Tanks!
To mark the end of March madness (and the 1st April…) tankers will have to don their space suits as they will be waging war in space! Running from March 29 until April 1st the Lunar Combat Mode will place tankers in the M24 Lunar war machine. Built for low-gravity battles, the M24 will see players blasting each-other into orbit – literally! To go along with this low-gravity chaos, respawning will be enabled to ensure you can get back into the action.

The new M24 lunar tank (above) ready for low-gravity combat on the moon (below)

Other game improvements and changes

Along with all the above there have been a few other improvements and additions to the game:

• Artillery is now restricted to a maximum of three per team.
• The FV4202 has returned to the UK Tech Tree at Tier X.
• We’ve made a number of improvements to the Radial Wheel.
• The Ping Meter display better reflects the quality of the player’s connection.
• Balance improvements have been made to a number of maps.
• New Emblems and Flags are available.
• Based on suggestions from our community, 42 additional camouflage patterns have been added to the game for various nations and environments.

Winter Games Campaign
And finally, the third and final phase of the Winter Games campaign Charlie is now active and runs up until 1st April. Players still have time to fight and earn up to 30 tiers of in-game rewards from xp boosts to exclusive medals. It will also be your last chance to bag a big discount on the Thunderbolt tank that is due for launch soon.

If you have enjoyed the Winter Games but are gutted they are nearly over don’t get your tracks twisted as the Spring Games will launch on 2nd April 😊


For more detailed info on everything within patch 4.9 then check out the patch notes here.


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