Launch Month Giveaway #2 – Gears of War Xbox 360 Controller [CLOSED]


Today’s Launch Month giveaway will see you entering for the chance to win a Gears of War Xbox 360 controller.  All you have to do to enter is answer the following question.  

There’s a new Gears game on the horizon – if you could make any changes whatsoever, what would they be?

Like yesterday, you will have 24 hours to get your entries in – so you have until 5pm tomorrow (UK time, Feb 6) to reply to this post with your answer.

Good luck!


Right then.  Because there were so many good entries, and way too many to chose just one winner, I did the only fair thing and put everyone in a random generator.  The generator picked out Dan Griffiths so congrats to you!  Please email me your address to Everyone else keep your eyes peeled for today’s giveaway – post coming VER Y soon!


Written by: Haley

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  1. Kyle Barber 5th February 2014 | Reply

    Bigger enemies, more funny one liners and more playable Lambent modes

  2. Steven Euden 5th February 2014 | Reply

    I would say change it back towards the way the original three played. Judgement felt a little to arcadey for me in both gameplay and controller feel. I would also say even though ill get hated for this. Im not a big fan of being butched by shotguns so maybe a few new games types that will be without them would be nice.

  3. Haley 5th February 2014 | Reply

    I don’t think you’ll get as much hate as you think. I have heard many people say the same thing regarding the arcadey gameplay.

  4. Haley 5th February 2014 | Reply

    You never know – you might get lucky 🙂

  5. matthew wright 5th February 2014 | Reply

    Fill it full of rainbows and unicorns….. Let’s get rid of the generic dreary grey overlay and get the Gears skipping through the meadows singing ” it’s a wonderful world”

  6. Gaz 5th February 2014 | Reply

    Although Judgment was a good game, the multiplayer was too COD or Halo and it seemed like a step in the wrong direction. I would like to see the return of some of the popular game modes, like Guardian and Horde. The main thing I want to see would be the ability to grenade tag, when that was removed from multiplayer, the game lost a huge chunk of its charm!

  7. Haley 5th February 2014 | Reply

    That would such a happy game. A Peggle themed Gears.

  8. Haley 5th February 2014 | Reply

    I think that’s where they went wrong with Judgment. They tried to cater for the CoD/Halo fans and ended up forgetting about the Gears way of things. Here’s hoping the next instalment will make up for it.

  9. Chad Gottfried 5th February 2014 | Reply

    Definitely get rid of the arcadey feel. Get back to the root of the Gears franchise. Do a trilogy set in the Pendulum Wars with Marcus and Dom.

  10. ZdravkoN 5th February 2014 | Reply

    What I would like to see, is an open world Gears of War. I liked the previous games, but I felt a little bit of a problem with Gears of War 3 and Judgement. Those games were simply not good enough. Why? Gears 3 had great multiplayer, but the end of the story didn’t feel satisfying (at least for me). Judgement had a fun campaign (the alternatiive story telling and different mission types were cool addition; the fog missions and the defend missions for example). The real problem with Judgement was that these missions were repetitive, the scoring system was like playing Angry Birds (stars? really?), and of course the multiplayer was crap. I just couldn’t get into it. The first two were awesome. If they manage to keep the same style and add some non-linearity and perhaps an open world approach, I believe that it would be cool (just don’t make a copy of Mass Effect, think of it in terms of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games 😉 )

  11. Dan Griffiths 5th February 2014 | Reply

    I would like to see improved AI technology, AI is about being intelligent not about running around in circles and doing the same stupid things over and over, the MP needs a full overhaul or reverting back to the original system, More Playable modes with increased strategy throughout the game, Judgment in my opinion was more CoD/Halo as earlier pointed out but as they are a popular base why not try to use that system but keep within the Gears traditions.

  12. Haley 5th February 2014 | Reply

    A nice bunch of comments so far. Keep them coming!

  13. Jordan 5th February 2014 | Reply

    I’d say add more weapons. Gears of War is one of my favorite game franchises, but I think adding more weapons and allowing players to select which weapons they want to use would be a good way to go. I know Gears of War 3 did this, but they were only a couple of weapons to choose from. Although that was a big change at the time, I just think adding more weapons to the game would further increase the fun and unpredictability that we all love about Gears of War.

  14. Jordan 5th February 2014 | Reply

    I actually agree with that. The shotgun has always been the dominant weapon in Gears of War and I think they should mix it up a little. Great suggestion! 🙂

  15. James Macaulay 5th February 2014 | Reply

    Firstly I’d bring back Karen Travis as a Writer. I loved Gears 3 along with the books and think she could bring something dark and exciting back to the Gears World; For me Judgment was just rushed and should have been released as DLC rather than a full game. I’d also love to see the return of Locust in Multilayer but obviously that would depend on where they go with the Story. One thing I don’t want to see is another ‘Human vs Human’ multiplayer. It just ended up feeling like every other Multiplayer Shoot em up out there.

  16. Sarah Grace 5th February 2014 | Reply

    I’m a fan of campaign missions over multiplayer, so I’d like to see GoW solo campaign stretched longer. A Gears of War MMO would be so awesome. And please add a selection of female protagonists to play.

  17. Luigi 6th February 2014 | Reply

    i’d start fresh with new characters with more female protagonists to mix things up

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