MCM London Expo May 2014


I’m back from MCM Comic Con and ready to go with the next one! 

I must say I had an absolutely amazing weekend, meeting some lovely people and seeing some amazing cosplays! 

For any of you that have not been to the MCM Comic Con events I suggest you go! Although it can be quite pricey – depending on which one you go to – it is well worth it! Especially if you’re into comics and games, there’s something for everyone at the event! 🙂



I started off my weekend meeting some lovely people who arranged a Dragon Age meetup on the Saturday of the event, I was super excited because Dragon Age is my favourite game of all time! My friends managed to get a few photos of the group picture! As you can see, the costumes are highly detailed and very impressive! 

The shops were insane too! I basically spent all my money. There were stores that sold figurines, canvases, comics, tshirts and a various amount of different merchandise. There was also the chance to play Lego: The Hobbit, Transformers Universe and many more games! 


I got a ridiculous amount of pictures too, as you can see! Also if you checked my Twitter you’d see a few too. 

Along with all the photos me and my friends took of other cosplayers I also had a Photoshoot with the very talented David Kane who took a few shots of me as Isabela. 


There were lots of special guests too and guess who I got to meet?! TomSka! He’s a lovely guy and his team were also really friendly. 


 Being my first Con with XBLG I managed to get a few interviews with people and some footage of the different areas at Comic Con! A video will be uploaded at some point this week, hopefully by Thursday! 



So, what are my plans for future Cons?

I’m planning to go to the October Comic Con in London, already planning some costumes. So far I’m thinking Neytiri from Avatar and Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect series, but who knows?! It’s early days and I may change my mind about who to cosplay! I will keep you updated with all things to do with my cosplay, perhaps making some vlogs of the process. 

Stay tuned and hopefully I’ll see some of you at the next Con! 



Written by: Gabrielle Wheatley

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