Microsoft buy Zenimax for $7.5 Billion

By Davey

So, dear gamers, as I sat down to relax for a bit and stick it to Mr House in Fallout New Vegas this afternoon, my mobile phone started having what the digital equivalent of an epileptic seizure is. “Why”, I hear you ask? Well, Microsoft have just bought Zenimax Media.

Who are Zenimax media, and has this got something to do with the fact that at 3pm (GMT) on 21/09/2020, Bethesda and Fallout were trending? Well, in the course of the next few hundred words, I shall endeavour to answer both of those questions.

Zenimax media are the parent company of Bethesda studios, and to be frank, while they’ve fucked up the Fallout franchise with Fallout 76, they still have plenty of intellectual prIoperties, such as Doom, The Elder Scrolls franchise, Prey, Dishonoured, The Evil Within and of course, Quake. As you can imagine, buying this sort of pull in the gaming industry is a pretty hefty whack on Microsoft’s wallet, and quelle surprise, it has reportedly cost Microsoft and Xbox Studios $7.5 Billion. This makes it the second biggest gaming acquisition in history, with the first being the acquisition of Tencent for $2.1 Billion a few years ago.

How did everyone react?

So, naturally, when the news broke, the internet had kittens trying to cope and analyse what the situation was and how this is going to work in the next few months, with the impending launch of the new Elder Scrolls Online expansion on the 10th of November 2020, and the launches of both Sony’s PlayStation 5 and the two new Xbox consoles in November. The Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X both launch on the same day (10/11/20), with the Series S costing £250 and the Series X costing £450.

With both consoles from Xbox and the PS5 releasing at roughly the same time, the console wars have already begun in terms of what to buy where, and so studio acquisitions were always going to be likely, but this was to be frank, fucking ridiculous. As an Xbox convert myself, I’m pretty happy about this news, as I think a lot of gamers are, but how is this going to work when one of Zenimax’s titles has already been announced for the PS5?

How Will This Work?

This is how I think this is going to work for future Zenimax/Bethesda titles. I think whilst you’ll still be able to get their AAA titles on Sony’s PS5, they will be released slightly earlier onto the Microsoft Store, and have their games on Microsoft’s Game Pass on the launch day.

Either way, this is a massive win for both Microsoft and Xbox, and has got all of us here at Gamerhub absolutely excited! There’ll be further analysis later on in the week, once we know more about this, but for now, I’ve been Davey, and thanks for reading!

Written by: David Armitage

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