MotoGP 19 – Out now

Milestone are back with another official MotoGP game based on the world-renowned motorbike racing series, and boy are fans going to be happy with what lies in wait for them…

Players will be able to jump into the shoes of any of the riders from the 2019 season and race on 19 beautifully detailed tracks. Not only can you play in the MotoGP class, but also Moto2, Moto3, Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup classes and finally the new e-bike series – MotoE. This means you can choose what level of competition you would like to face based on your experience of playing Motorbike racing titles.

Whether you start as a Rookie and work your way up or go straight in for the pro MotoGP experience there’s going to be plenty of fun and good competition. A new Neural AI system based on machine learning has been developed and implemented into the game. This is faster, smarter and more accurate than seen in previous games, meaning the AI is going to give you a real run for your money.

When the going gets tough you can use dedicated test sessions to fine tune and tweak your bike for a better ride. By working on these areas you will be able to dial in a ride style for any track:
• Traction Control System
• Engine Brake
• Anti-Wheelie system
• Engine
• Chassis

Even the ‘old-skool’ guys are catered for in MotoGP 19, with a Historical Challenges mode that allows you to relive and recreate some of the most iconic races in MotoGP history as one of over 50 MotoGP legends to choose from. There are plenty of historic bikes to choose from too, more than 35 with everything from 500cc 2-strokes to modern day steeds.

Dedicated servers have been implemented for a super smooth and lag-free multiplayer experience, meaning you can be racing against people from all over the world and know that it’s a fair and equal experience for all. This is vital for any racing game and great to see here, this should help build a great online racing community for MotoGP 19.

A new Race director mode allows you to take command and create your owns races with your own rules. You will have the power to choose the starting grid, give penalties and much more!

It’s all well and good being your favourite rider but what if you want to add some flair and style to your character? Well you can now with the graphics editor. Combine shapes, colours, accessories and stickers to make your rider unique. This can be applied to your helmet, lower back patch and number plate and includes many licensed brands for that authentic racing look.

MotoGP is out now for Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC

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Written by: Martin Bullock

I'm a bearded guy in his 30's who still loves to game as much as I did when I was a kid. In fact I'm pretty much still a kid! Love to play driving sims, shooters, puzzle, strategy and survival games the most. Also cant resist a really good RPG here and there.

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