New PUBG Map – Vikendi

The PUBG corp. have recently launched yet another new map for their genre defining Battle Royale game. Vikendi is a 6×6 map set in snowy terrain and claims to be the most technically advanced yet with a wide variety of gameplay options. Players will need to have a quicker pace than on Erangel and Miramar, but with a more tactical approach than Sanhok.

Along with the map comes two new items exclusive to Vikendi, a snowmobile to traverse around the icy terrain and the G36C assault rifle (the G36 replaces the SCAR-L). You will also get access to the Survivor pass that will give you a whole heap of new missions to complete.

The new map, snowmobile, G36C and survivor pass are all free to download and will get you in the action and earning new gear in no time. For even more exclusive missions, faster levelling and other additional rewards you can purchase a premium survivor pass. For more details on the premium pass click HERE.

This is all live now so what are you waiting for?! Get it downloaded and squad up!

Written by: Martin Bullock

I'm a bearded guy in his 30's who still loves to game as much as I did when I was a kid. In fact I'm pretty much still a kid! Love to play driving sims, shooters, puzzle, strategy and survival games the most. Also cant resist a really good RPG here and there.

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