No Demo Planned for Watch Dogs?


Ubisoft Montreal’s Creative Director Jonathan Morin has confirmed to gamers that a pre-release demo will not be available for the eargerly anticipated title, Watch Dogs. Morin revealed the information via Twitter on his page @Design_Cave.

Morin, responding to questions from fans said: “no demo planned before release. Sorry for the wait, doing my best” and asserted that Ubisoft’s primary focus is to get the final game out of the door: “Doing Demos take time, the focus is on the game. You will see more footage before release. Be patient & thanks for your passion.”



Out and about. Ubisoft concentrating on having Watch Dogs hit the streets first.

While today’s news has put the brakes on a pre-release demo, it does not rule out a demo altogether; it is not uncommon for a demo to be released after launch to keep interest ticking over or to get players off the fence. Furthermore, Ubisoft have yet to answer for taking down a Watch Dogs closed beta from the Xbox Store which may suggest a beta will be offered instead of a demo.

It is slightly disappointing that there will be no pre-release demo although I am not aiming this directly at Ubisoft and Watch Dogs. I feel that prior to the start of the new generation, there were a lot of promises made in regards to the extensive availability of demos; promises that have not been kept.


To the best of my knowledge, Ghosts has been the only major demo offered. Even then it was viewed as a token gesture.

Watch Dogs is under heavy scrutiny at the moment because of recent allegations of graphical downgrades from previous E3 conferences in combination with a 6-month delay. The recent ‘Welcome to Chicago’ trailer has also added fuel to the fire with gamers seeing it as confirmation of the downgrade. It has been speculated that the lack of a demo is down to Ubisoft not wanting any downgrade to be highlighted or confirmed before a full release in order to protect sales.

It would seem that every piece of Watch Dogs news will be under the microscope from now on primarily because of a somewhat barren spell in game releases this Summer. Watch Dogs is expected to launch on May 27 with gamers hoping that it will tide them over. Check out the ‘Welcome to Chicago’ trailer below.


Written by: Andy - TokenFlakGuy

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