Oh… Sir The Insult Simluator releases next month on Xbox One!


The art of insulting has always been around and as a result, it has evolved and changed. Last year it was turned into competitive indie game on Steam called “Oh… Sir! The insult simulator” a game that takes the classic tradition of insulting a complete stranger over the internet to a whole new level.



The surprise hit indie game which first released in 2016 on PC pits players against one and other in a battle of the quips as each player must insult each other in the best way possible using a system which is quite similar to that of cards against humanity. At the beginning of each player’s turn they are given the beginning of statement and then must use whatever combination of presented words to make the best insult (Unfortunately you cannot type in your own custom insults and words for obvious reasons). The options given to player depend on which of the character roster they chose to role as. “Oh… Sir” functions on a 10 character based system with each character having his/her unique personality and insults, this increases the number of possible combinations as well variety when it comes to matches.



“Oh… Sir” will see its first official console release next Tuesday (30th March) on PS4, unfortunately those on Xbox Live will have to wait another month before they can settle what ever arguments they might be having with a good old fashion insult match


Written by: Jacob Watters

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