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Details of March Xbox One Updates

With the February update taking a little longer than expected to be rolled out, Marc Whitten, Chief Product Officer has issued a blog post detailing some of the updates that will be coming in early March. Xbox have prided themselves on having the best multi-player service for Xbox 360, and

More News from Ubisoft!

With David Morris’ article about Watch Dogs and the fact that Far Cry Classic is available as a digital download on XBLA and PSN; Ubisoft have now announced that Far Cry: The Wild Expedition Compilation will be released in the UK on February 21st. It’s hard to believe that it has

Xbox One Update

For those who didn’t read my previous article, detailing some of the System Updates that were coming to Xbox One in the next few months, well the first one is available sometime today.   I say ‘sometime’, because not even Microsoft knows when exactly it will be going live. The

World of Tanks Rolls Out Tomorrow

As you should hopefully be aware tomorrow, as in the 12th February, sees the launch of World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition. The Beta testing for this Free-to-Play title has been going on for some time now so all the kinks and issues should hopefully have been ironed out.  So

Destiny, Something you’ll play?

I’ve come downstairs this morning; made myself a cuppa and relaxed in front of the TV with GinxTv on, I picked up my laptop and from the TV my eye was caught, Destiny, The action game from the creators of Halo. Now I’m not a Halo fan, Nor games set


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@xboxuk My midnight shadow controller has the thumbstick wandering issue
GIVEAWAY TIME! We have 4 Sea of Thieves codes to give to 4 lucky pirates! That's 4 chances of winning! To enter to…