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AC4: Black Flag new Multiplayer DLC

Ubisoft have announced that the second multi-player DLC for Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag called Guild of Rogues, is available now and will introduce three new characters. The Siren   After years posing as deceased brother, The Siren returns to land wielding a lethal navy saber that she acquired in

Gaming events 2014

Gaming events – The Mardi Gras for Gamers You buy your consoles, The latest games and then spend hours playing them, alone or with friends, Some people upload their best moments, gameplays or whole walkthroughs to YouTube and socialise on popular social media sites Twitter and Facebook. Once you start doing all that

Titanfall Beta Available Now!!

For weeks we have been told by Respawn that: “Information about the Beta is coming soon”. Now, soon has arrived and you are able to sign up for the Beta.   Simply go to Titanfall’s Official website to sign up for the Beta.   To apply you simply choose the

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – Launch Trailer

Final Fantasy fans, rejoice! The conclusion to the Final Fantasy XIII saga arrives this week and alongside it is a new trailer for you to feast your eyes upon.   The trailer is, in typical Final Fantasy and Square Enix fashion, glorious. Eye-melting cinematics and exciting though brief gameplay footage,


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World War Z has been out for a few days. What's everyones thoughts? #WorldWarZ #XboxOne