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Streets of Rage 4 footage released

From the teams that brought you Wonder Boy and Streets of Fury comes new gameplay footage of the brand-new Streets of Rage 4.  Lizardcube, Dotemu and Guard Crush Games have been working hard on bringing this SEGA classic into the modern world, with beautifully hand-drawn visuals and new gameplay mechanics. Axel

Life is Strange 2 DLC Release Dates

Square Enix have recently announced the release date for Episode 3 for Life Is Strange 2, which kicks off the second half of the season with some great new content. Releasing on May 9th, Episode 3 is titled ‘Wastelands’ and follows the progress of Sean and Daniel Diaz as they

Blazing Chrome Coming To Xbox

The Arcade Crew and Joymasher have recently announced that their fast paced retro shoot-em-up Blazing Chrome is due out on Xbox one in the Spring. Presented in glorious 16-bit this game is an homage to classic arcade games like Contra and Metal Slug, and has a great soundtrack to match

Win a Unique Bumblebee Xbox!

The official Xbox twitter  are running a competition right now to win an exclusive Xbox One X that’s transformed into the amazing Bumblebee. The new skin is even applied to the controller and the whole set is in a fetching yellow colour. All you have to do to enter the

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Launch Trailer

The latest outing by FROM Software is the feudal Japan themed Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the company’s first outing with a Souls like title since 2016’s Dark Souls 3. The game will have the signature infinite death styling, where players come back to life constantly after death to continue their journey

Operencia: The Stolen Sun – Release Date

Operencia: The Stolen Sun is a modern-day homage to classic first-person dungeon crawlers, pleasantly it will be launching as a console exclusive on Xbox One and the Epic store on March 29th. Inspired by European folktales this RPG is set in the land of Operencia, a fantasy world with carefully researched and

World of Warships: Legends – Early Access

Wargaming have recently announced that the console version of World of Warships: Legends, it will launch for early access on 16th April giving eager fans the command of some of history’s greatest warships to wreak havoc with. For those that cannot wait that long, there is one last round of Closed Beta testing running


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