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Destiny, Something you’ll play?

I’ve come downstairs this morning; made myself a cuppa and relaxed in front of the TV with GinxTv on, I picked up my laptop and from the TV my eye was caught, Destiny, The action game from the creators of Halo. Now I’m not a Halo fan, Nor games set

Titanfall behind the scenes

As the clock ticks inexorably on towards the release of Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment have let us have a peek behind the scenes and let Jessica Chobot (perhaps most recognisable as the voice of Diana Allers, the onboard reporter in Mass Effect 3) chat to some of the team members about the forthcoming title.

Why Can’t I Shoot Through Walls?

To answer your question, Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that you won’t be able to shoot through walls using the Titans. Disappointed? Yeah, so am I.   Even though Titanfall’s mechs features an awesome arsenal of weaponry, you won’t be able to use it to root out those annoying campers. This

Worms Battlegrounds coming to Xbox One

Worms Battlegrounds has been announced, and it’s going to be the franchises debut on next gen. The Worms franchise of course has been around since 1995, and it’s had a lot of fantastic games under it’s name. Later on this year, we’ll get to blow each other (and the environment)


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