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First interview with Satya Nadella

In what seems to be the only corporate news in town, Microsoft announced it’s new CEO Satya Nadella. A 22 year veteran with the company, he is most notable as the executive who moved the Seattle software giant into the cloud with SkyDrive (soon to be come OneDrive), Bing and perhaps

Fable Anniversary Released

10 years ago Fable was released so it seems only fitting that on this, its ten year anniversary, we have essentially a re-release entitled Fable Anniversary.  This version of the game has been fully re-mastered with hi-definition visuals and audio and is sure to bring a smile to those faithful

Child Of Light gets a release date.

Ubisoft have confirmed the release date for Child of Light as being the 30th April 2014.  This 2D turn-based RPG which is set in the magical world of Lemuria was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and makes use of Ubisoft’s UbiArt Framework.  This powerful engine gives the developers and artists the

Titan time – Stryder class

The Stryder class Titan is the Ferarri of the battlefield. Light, fast and agile, it is designed to survive by not being caught. It’s not without teeth either, and will still be a formidable foe to face, but it’s not cut out for frontal assaults. Yes we know, we have

Titan time – Ogre class

What is it that separates the Ogre from the rest of the Titans? Without question it is loaded with offensive weaponry and heavily armoured, making it the logical choice to go in where angels fear to tread (incidentally Angel is not an as yet unpublished class of Titan, it is

Titan time – Atlas class

The Atlas class in Titanfall is the all-round performer. It carries state of the art weaponry, has a good level of armour protection and is quite mobile. The flexibility of the Atlas makes it an interesting choice for use in the game – is it the jack of all trades


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