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1080p difficult to achieve on Xbox One

Just when we all thought that the X1 was getting better, it seems to have some surprises in store. Yes, the developer of Sniper Elite 3, Rebellion, has shed light on why developers may have greater difficulty achieving 1080p in Xbox One titles compared to its PS4 counterpart. It has

Introducing the Titanfall Limited Edition guide

Prima is well known in the gaming guide world, so no particular surprise that they were selected to produce the Titanfall Limited Edition guide. Sporting a metallic hardcover, and with over 350 pages of content the guide includes extensive strategy for each map and game mode, with hot tips for

Xbox in March

If you’re a part of XBLgamerhub chances are, you play Xbox; Either the 360 or the one. March is shaping up to be a great month for gaming in general and for Xbox gamers especially with the new system updates happening early on in the month and then the long

XBLG announced as Media Partners to Game Expo Scotland 2014

Magdala Media, organisers of the inaugural Game Expo Scotland 2014 have announced XBLGamerhub as the most recent Media Partner for the October event. Founded in 2009 by Gavin Divers, XBL Gamerhub has developed itself into being the largest independent Xbox community website in the UK and part of the Xbox Community

Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation want’s you!

The Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) is the result of decades of mergers and acquisitions from what once used to be Hammond Engineering, who at one time had market dominance for the technology used in surveying planets and the maps that this produced (No Google maps I guess…). Within the Core


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