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Standby for Titanfall

I’m a sucker for shiny gaming-related items, proof of this are the Collector’s/Limited Editions surrounding me as I type and my personal favourite: my Limited Edition Halo 3 Xbox 360 console, Spartan Green I’ll have you know. So when I heard that Xbox and Respawn Entertainment were releasing a Titanfall-themed

You Keep Missing the Target

For roughly ten years I spent my life hunched over the keyboard playing Unreal Tournament 1999 (UT’99), not to blow my own trumpet but I was as some people say, “Sh*t hot!”, I was side jumping whilst being more than aware of X,Y and Z fields of view; those that

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Voice Cast Revealed

Yesterday Bethesda Softworks announced the rather storming voice cast that will be providing that extra bit of life along your journey; throughout Tamriel in the up and coming Elder Scrolls Online, a huge cross-platform MMORPG.  The actors providing their voices are :- John Cleese – as Cadwell, the cheerful, but mad

Why Do I Have To Wait?

There has always been a touch of jealousy deep within me when it draws nearer to the release date of a game I have been looking forward to.  Unless of course you are jumping about in eager anticipation of one of the yearly big hitters (COD, I’m eyeballing you), the


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World War Z has been out for a few days. What's everyones thoughts? #WorldWarZ #XboxOne