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On the Sunday just passed I attended a fairly local event in Scotland, Play Expo Glasgow. Scotland has always been a hub for game developers, with deep roots in game development history. Such as the original, and continued, development of Grand Theft Auto. Last year, I attended Resonate Insomnia and its great to see more gaming events popping up!


It looks empty, but we were early. And a lot of people were already gaming.

The arena was divided into  two halves, one side of vendors selling artwork and trinkets. But by far the nostalgia was real in the boxes upon boxes of arcade games on sale. My friends and I spent a good amount of time reminiscing about the original PlayStation games and SNES games on sale. 

Vendors offered a wide range of items, from pokemon cards, to custom artwork, to maps, to figures! You wanted to spend money, there were plenty of beautiful items on show. 


But less of that! On to the games!

There were an impressive amount of consoles at this event. There were PC towers with lots of multiplayer games on offer such as Starwhal, Broforce, Gangbeasts, Overcooked and more. This event is like any Con, you need a bunch of like minded friends to enjoy it. There was also an impressive amount of pinball machines which brought back some undergrad university memories for me, they had the Indiana Jones pinball machine. 


But the most impressive part of the Con had to be the array of archaic and retro consoles and games on show. A sea of rear projection monitors filled 2 long lines of tables. There were regular classics such as Sonic on the SEGA Megadrive and Super Mario on the SNES. But there were really abstract consoles and games that only a few would remember. 

On top of that were the arcade machines. All free to play and brimming with more nostalgia. These arcade games were still as punishing as they were when they were made. Thoroughly enjoyable and a brand new experience in some cases. 


I did not get chance to take part in any of the competitions but Play Expo had the latest Injustice 2 on offer to play and compete on. 

I look forward to next year, but I would like to see a reduction in price for tickets. As the Expo could not be seen from outside, perhaps ticketed areas if you wanted to play the Minecraft zone or just fancied a few games of pinball. These are things that can be done in the future.

For me, I’m looking forward to Resonate next month! 



Written by: Michael Saiger

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