Sea Of Thieves – New Details

You might have caught that new trailer for Sea of Thieves during the Xbox E3 2018 conference, though further details came out about updates coming to the game.
The new trailers shown confirmed 2 major updates, which are; Cursed Sails due in July and Forgotten Shores due in September. Rare took to the interview stage with Graeme Boyd – @Aceybongos, and confirmed what exactly is happening with the new updates and features.

  • Skeleton filled Galleons will roam the waters as part of Cursed Sails, these AI ships will have a quest line, though no details have been announced yet.
  • Cursed Cannon balls will arrive with the above Skeleton crews, these will inflict status abilities onto ships that have been hit by them. Abilities may cause heavier ships to take on water quicker, crews to lose control of their bodies and so forth.
  • Row Boats are being added so ships can be moored further out from shore and allowing multiple chests to be carries back onto the ship from land in less journeys. This is great for solo players as leaving chests alone on shore wont be an option anymore.
  • New Map Areas, are being added with the Forgotten shores update. The new land, names Devils Roar, will have volcanic elements and a highly unstable landscape.
  • The Brigand will be added, which is the highly requested 3 crew ship to fill the gap between the Sloop and Galleon. The ship will have 2 sails and no doubt crewed by 2 or 3 crew members.

Stay updates with XBLG on all things Sea of Thieves, we will be focusing more on video content from this game as well as the community creates this game.
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Written by: Calum Petrie

I am the Editor-In-Chief for XBLGamerhub and I also write for some other sites. I am a massive fan of gaming and enjoy reviewing comic books and graphic novels.

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