Skyrim: Special Edition free to play weekend

Ah 11/11/2011, the date etched into the minds of many a gamer. 6 Years ago we were riding the hype train on the way to the next Elder Scrolls instalment set in the frozen north, Skyrim. We explored the harsh and frozen mountain terrain which lays the home of the Nords.
6 years later and we are still talking about the truly outstanding game, though we can do more than talk about it. Of course the biggest hurdle was when I upgraded to Xbox One; I couldn’t take my Skyrim with me. Thankfully Xbox noticed the outcry and brought Skyrim: Special Edition to our platform, with enhanced graphics, lighting, all playable DLC and best of all MOD support.


Some of you Dovahkiin still haven’t returned though. Dragons (editor’s note, they are actually Wyverns) remain unchallenged and the fate of Tamriel is in the balance. To help us return to this world, Xbox is allowing Xbox Live Gold members to return to Skyrim for free from today 7:00 am 7th September 2017 until 6:59am 10th September 2017.


Winner of over 200 awards, this classic title will also be 50% off until 18th September for anyone who wishes to buy back this must have and encase you were worried, any progress you make over the free weekend, both Achievements and game progress will be there waiting for you to play if you buy a full copy.

You can pick up a copy here at the Microsoft website or find it in the store on your Xbox One.

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Written by: Damian Tack

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