Square Enix E3 2018

This years Square Enix E3 presentation was a very short affair at only 30 minutes, there was no great surprises shown apart from some PS4 & Steam titles that wont be making their way to Xbox. So lets get down to what was shown at the event.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider showed off some very sleek and violent gameplay, with Lara becoming a vicious killing machine. She must have been watching Predator in her downtime between game, though I still do not fancy her odds against  Arnie in the jungle.
The game releases later on this year, and the story trailer was the same affair that was shown off at the Xbox conference last night.

Next on show was Final Fantasy XIV with a trailer for Under the Moonlight. The MMORPG is still going strong after all these years, with its PC and PlayStation cross platform gameplay it is an interesting combination that sadly is missing from Xbox.

There was then a hint at some crossover fun aimed possibly once again at PlayStation owners as Final Fantasy XIV X Monster Hunter World. This is unclear if it is purely cosmetic or if the job class systems from Final Fantasy have roles within the combat of the game?

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit got another showing, this time the team at DONTNOD had a quick sessions with the camera. They explained where Captain Spirit sits within the Life is Strange universe, they did confirm Life is Strange 2 is coming; it is just a case of seeing what story they deliver between now and then.

Dragon Quest XI: Echos of an Elusive Age was another PlayStation title to be shown off. The JRPG giant has continuously put out compelling stories and characters, though its signature anime art style and turn based combat will have long time fans excited for the next instalment.

Babylons Fall was a very interesting title which once again is for PlayStation and Steam, the trailer started delivering a time line filled with war, religion and death. Not too much to go off of, though with the team at Platinum Games at the helm, this is one to watch out for.

Neir Automata is coming to Xbox after its run on Steam and PlayStation, the game was heralded as a massive GOTY contender. It will be interesting to see the insane gameplay and interesting story line coming to the Microsoft console.

The Nintendo Switch title Octopath Traveller was next to the show, which is a pleasant looking RPG. The premise is 8 seperate people are all connected and you control each one with their own unique job type. The demo is available now on Nintendo Switch.

Another game shown off at the Xbox conference last night was Just Cause 4, the game is taking a much darker tone than previous instalments. This does not mean that the mayhem and destruction that we have come to love from the series is not still present.

The Quiet man was a very interesting look PlayStation title, it was a strange trailer where a deaf man was fist fighting with thugs. This is one I will probably be keeping my eye on as the graphics were standard beautiful Sony style.

Trailer from MKIceAndFire

Then the big ending was of course Kingdom Hearts 3, showcasing a lot of Disney and Pixar film worlds. The overall story is ramping up, if you thought it was convoluted before then i imagine this latest game is going to just make everything a million times more complicated.
Though I love Kingdom Hearts I cannot wait till January next year to finally get my hands on this beautiful game.

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Written by: Calum Petrie

I am the Editor-In-Chief for XBLGamerhub and I also write for some other sites. I am a massive fan of gaming and enjoy reviewing comic books and graphic novels.

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