Star Trek Online Celebrates First Contact Day

Starting April 5th, players of Star Trek Online will be able to take part in the games annual First Contact Day celebrations.

Captains who are at level 10 or higher,  will be able to visit Bozeman Montana which is the site of Zefram Cochrane’s “First Contact” with the Vulcan Race after they detect the warp signature of his spaceship The Phoenix. Those familiar with the lore of Star Trek also know that this is the event that the Borg where trying to prevent in the film First Contact.

During the event Captains will be able to construct their own version of The Phoenix. They will have to scavenge for parts that will be used to craft and upgrade the iconic spacecraft.

The player who’s space craft goes the highest will win a prize (no doubt a higher % of event coins). Also during the festival players will also be able to unlock the Bozeman Hyper Impule Engines, which will be an account wide item. As well as a chance to unlock a Phoenix Holo Emitter.

The event will run from April 5th – April 12th

More information can be found on the developers website here


Written by: Rob Lake

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