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Black ops 4 has received its weekly overhaul like normal, this week focuses on Zombies crashes with a few tweaks on multiplayer as well. Also dropping is BLOPS infamous Nuketown, which is free to all players regardless of what version of the game you have.

Nuketown has made a return for the forth time in the series with this overhaul being set in the cold snowy location of Russia, a few things have changed with lines of sight being tweaked to try stop spawn camping while the centre of the map being on top of a nuke missile solo lid.

Nuketown on Blackout also will have zombies for a limited time, use these to your advantage to help you outdo enemies and help achieve that win.


A quad feed event is coming to Black ops 4, with it expecting to drop at roughly 6pm GMT in line with previous events. This event will grant Double exp in MP and Zombies, double Merits in Blackout, double Tier Boost in multiplayer modes and Blackout for Black Market Tiers, and Double Nebulium Plasma in Zombies. This event will last for 5 days which should give you plenty of time to grind out the levels you want at a decent speed.

The update brings all versions up to 1.07 and comes in at a 10.96GB patch, big in size but full of fixes for Multiplayer plus over 70 crash fixes in Zombies. A few tweaks to name are Multiplayer score streaks having all kills earned changed from +25 points a kill to +10. Score streaks also have had their points changed around with some becoming easier to earn while some have been nerfed increasing the cost to call them in, a few guns have been nerfed as well with mainly SMGs decreasing their kill range meaning the further someone is the more bullets needed to kill them.

Full patch notes plus event notes can be found here Here.

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Written by: Steven Euden

Achievement hunter and a lover of Halo 3. I end up spending far too much time on the Xbox and love every single moment of it.

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