Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Box Art Reveal

It wouldn’t be E3 without some kind of pre-show reveal, and this year is no different. Ahead of the main event that kicks off next week. EA and Respawn Entertainment have given us a glimpse of the box art for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. In true Star Wars fashion,

The Sims 4 – Bundle 3 Trailer

The latest iteration in the phenomenal gaming series The Sims released on Xbox One back in 2017, since then the addictive and social life destroying title has been enjoyed by many. The Sims 4 formula, of a base game and then a series of expansions and extras is a business model

EA – E3 2018 Conference Round-Up

This year’s E3 press conference kicked off EA stepping on stage first; they set a tone for the show which can hopefully be easily beaten by the acts still to follow. There line up of usual suspects was met nicely with more footage of Anthem and then their show stealers

EA Sports NHL 18 Beta – Out Now

NHL games usually have a hardcore following in the UK, where Ice Hockey is not one of the most popular sports but it does have more of a cult status around the country. The NHL is big money business in the U.S of A and with that means a lot

XBLG: Game Of The Year – 2016

The XBLG Game of the Year for 2016 was not an easy one to pick, we found there was a vast number of titles we enjoyed playing last year. There was everything ranging from RPG to Driving simulators and a lot in between, when it boiled down to the staff

EA Access Goes Big This Summer

While there’s always a vocal cry on the internet about EA’s DLC practices, the fact that they’ve won the coveted worst company in America accolade speaks volumes about the way consumers have felt about them in the past, I can’t help but feel they’ve come a long way…sort of. EA


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