Far Cry

Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars

Ubisoft have announced the release date for the upcoming Far Cry 5 DLC, the “Lost on Mars“. Releasing on July 17th, this expansion will take the insane action away from Hope County; and relocate it to the Red Planet. The Mars setting will see players control Nick Rye, who is

Far Cry 5 Reveal Trailer & More

Today Ubisoft debuted the trailer for FarCry 5. Take a look at the world reveal below: Something different right? A modern day western with a crazy cult running the town. Begs the question who you will be and whether or not your side will be chosen. The last instalment of FarCry I played was the third,

Far Cry: Primal – The Charge

The Charge is the title of the latest live action trailer for the upcoming Far Cry title from developers Ubisoft. The advert for Far Cry: Primal shows the studios decision to reverse the timeline that most modern FPS games seem to be taking. The recession of time is an interesting

Far Cry 4 – Season Pass Trailer

Ubisoft seem to be the busiest company on the planet right now, with 2 Assassins Creed games released within the last week and with the gargantuan Far Cry 4 out Tuesday 18th November. It would seem that the company has earned themselves a little break with all their headline series

Far Cry 4 – Story Trailer

If you have not been following Far Cry 4 since its announcement then you have a lot to catch up on. With the game’s release just about in sight we have Ubisoft to thank for a trailer to actually piece together what is happening in the game. The video shows

Far Cry 4 – Seaon Pass

Ubisoft have released details of what exactly the season pass for the upcoming Far Cry 4 will offer. Here is a quick run down of the titles of the content and a short summary of what they consist of. The Syringe This content is available from launch and is exclusive


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