Gameplay Trailer


A understated gem of a game that put in an appearance during the Xbox E3 press conference this year was a small fox with a sword. The game Tunic is an isometric game that looks to be in the same vein as the classic Zelda titles, where skill is used

Crackdown 3

If you have paid attention to the journey of Crackdown 3, you will realise it is a game that could potentially be a massive feather in the cap of Xbox. The game has suffered a few delays now and has been pushed back to January 2019, which can only mean

Shadow of War Open World Trailer

I can confidently say that Shadow of War is the game I am most excited for this year. Being a massive fan of the Lord of the Rings films, as well as the books. Shadow of Mordor was a game worthy of Middle-Earth. The gameplay trailer we got a few months back was amazing. But now

Shadow of War Gameplay Reveal

Today we are treated to the first gameplay reveal of Shadow of War the sequel to the award winning Shadow of Mordor. With last weeks rumors being confirmed and the arrival of a cinematic teaser trailer, today we get to see the new gameplay as well as answer some questions on what to

This is the Police – Coming to Xbox One

Weappy brought us This is the Police last year to PC and it was positively received. This is the Police is an adventure strategy game that places the player as the chief of police, managing members of the force, allocating resources and officers on the beat, as well as responding to the press and political

Prey – New Gameplay Trailer

The latest trailer for Bethesda and Arkane Studio‘s title Prey is one which showcases more gameplay and less on story. Though the game sits somewhere between Dishonored and Dead Space, it will be interesting to get our hands on the final product and find out …. well what the hell is


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This happened when I was playing Cold Fear on the original Xbox. Nearly 💩 myself!