Saber Interactive

New Content For World War Z Released

World War Z is the frantic Zombie game that uses a specially developed Swarm Engine to render hundreds of Z’s on screen at once for chaotic PvE and PvPvZ action. Since its release in mid-April the game has already surpassed over 2 million units sold, showing how popular the title

World War Z – Out Now

With World War Z recently being released, fans of the hit movie can now go toe to toe with swarms of zombies in what has to be the most chaotic zombie game yet. The game is powered by the Swarm engine which has been designed by Saber Interactive. This is

World War Z – Available To Pre-Order

World War Z is the frantic zombie game based on the blockbuster hit film and best selling book. Using a dynamic swarm engine developed by Saber Interactive, World War Z unleashes hundreds of blood-thirsty zombies that move quickly and act as they did in the film. This means each and

World War Z – New Multiplayer details

Saber Interactive have just recently released a new trailer for the upcoming World War Z game based on the blockbuster film. Along with the trailer comes some new information regarding the multiplayer side of the game, including five new game modes. World War Z is primarily a four-player co-operative game

New Screenshots released for World War Z

We first reported on Saber Interactive’s game based on the hit movie about a month ago, so click HERE for the full low-down on this crazy zombie hoard survival shooter. Now you have re-capped on the insanity that will be unleashed later in the year, enjoy the new screenshots that


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