The Walking Dead

Telltale Games Closure

UPDATED 23/09/18 Info updated that The Walking Dead: The Final Season would end with Episode Two. 21/09/18 Sad news today to hear that Telltale Games is facing closure. Following a difficult year it looks like the company has had to let go of most of it’s employees which means we

TellTale Games – Summer 2017 Update

On the build up to San Diego Comic Con TellTale Games have shown their hand to much delight from fans of the narrative driven games studio. The studio released a video on their YouTube channel which highlights the next 3 big games coming out.  The three iconic games coming out will

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 3

The Three month wait is finally almost over, despite the episode leaking on Xbox One earlier this week, Telltale have released a rather exciting and intriguing Trailer for the next episode in the point and click adventure set in the famous comic series’ universe. Beware of spoilers below as I

The Telltale Undead Survival Bundle Available Now

Even though Halloween has been and gone, the zombie craze will forever live on. Telltale Games have a wonderful bundle on offer out today if you haven’t spent all your free cash yet. You can get a collection of Telltale Walking Dead games and the survival game 7 days to Die for £39.99. In the bundle

The Walking Dead: Michonne

You may have already heard of a little game coming to Xbox called The Walking Dead: Michonne from TellTale Games. If you haven’t, I will have to assume you are counted among the great majority of flesh eating walkers. So I can figure you, and applaud on having the dexterity


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