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Garry’s Mod/Rust Developer Receives Xbox One Dev Kit

Garry Newman of Garry’s Mod and Rust fame tweeted today about received an Xbox One Dev Kit. Garry’s Mod which started life as a Modification for Half-Life 2, is a game where you can play around with models and characters from all of Valves game, creating weird contraptions and generally playing around

AC4: Black Flag new Multiplayer DLC

Ubisoft have announced that the second multi-player DLC for Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag called Guild of Rogues, is available now and will introduce three new characters. The Siren   After years posing as deceased brother, The Siren returns to land wielding a lethal navy saber that she acquired in

Titanfall Beta Available Now!!

For weeks we have been told by Respawn that: “Information about the Beta is coming soon”. Now, soon has arrived and you are able to sign up for the Beta.   Simply go to Titanfall’s Official website to sign up for the Beta.   To apply you simply choose the

Evolve Trailer Released

We were teased last week with a date, 11/02/14. Time is up and today sees the release of the Official Trailer for the upcoming title Evolve developed by Left 4 Dead creators Turtle Rock Studios in conjunction with 2K Games.   In true Left 4 Dead style, the trailer brings back

Titanfall – behind the scenes with Xbox

Didn’t we just do behind the scenes with Jessica…oh we’re on? Once more unto the breach dear friends, this time with Xbox as our King Henry thrusting his camera behind the scenes with Respawn Entertainment talking more Titanfall. Not exactly behind the scenes but an interesting peek at the history


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