The Amazing Spider-Man 2-what can we expect?


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a third person free-roam action adventure video game which picks up from its predecessor, adding an alternative take on the upcoming film, the game is available on all platforms. It’s basically the Amazing spider-Man 2 movie in a parallel universe, but a video game, if you’re still following. First impressions of the trailers don’t seem to be good for most, the textures are flat and out dated and the coloring seems a little off, but this is due to the transition of consoles because what we’ve been shown is “current gen” not “next gen,” personally I thought that it would of been wise to show off the best version of the game possible but for whatever reason Activision decided to show us the 360/PS3 version, probably because they’re still the established platforms, so take comfort in the fact that if you do own a next gen console you will be looking at something prettier. 




But graphics aren’t what really matter, what we all care most about is the game play, which looks uncomfortably close to the first Amazing Spider-Man game. I must admit that I am a little concerned about the game being too similar to the first but I am really happy that the game brings back accurate web-slinging, what I mean by that is that you no longer just web the sky, you swing off actual buildings just like in Spider-Man 2, not only that but you alternate triggers for each swing, which sounds awesome!




They’ve improved the combat system but from what I’ve seen it still looks a little awkward, we also get different Spider-Man suits which come with different abilities each to level up and a “hero-menace” system, don’t get to excited though it won’t be like Spider-Man 3 where you can go anti-hero, you’ll still be the moral hero but if you fail moral tasks (such as saving a citizen from peril) than it will effect your leveling negatively, and consequently your powers as well, so don’t screw up! The game also casts you in the role of the superheros alter ego Peter Parker where you get to explore none combative game play and dialogue with characters, whilst that might not sound that interesting for some it’s a good fan service to die hard Spidey fans such as myself, don’t worry though you can skip the dialogue if you’re not into that.

Overall I will definitely be buying this game even though I am weary of its identical similarity to the first, I just can’t wait to get back to the story of Peter Parker and see what my favourite Web-Slinger’s been up to!


Written by: the friendly assassin

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