The Elder Scrolls Online: Homestead DLC and Morrowind first Look


On April 4th 2014, Bethesda Softworks published a new take on the Elder Scrolls franchise with The Elder Scrolls online, a Massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) At first the game received mixed reviews, along with a pay per-month subscription. The game didn’t seem to take to well among fan’s however and so the pay per month concept was abolished in March 2015. With a re-brand of the game, to The Elder Scrolls Online, Tamrial unlimited and the game being brought to console in June 2015 the game saw its player base flourish.


Elder Scrolls Online, like all other instalments is based on the continent of Tamrial and its story line is indirectly connected to the other instalments of the games with the same name. With plenty of content, events, quests free-roam, the game offers plenty for everyone. It has a good amount of character customisation, with the player being able to chose from the 10 races we’ve grown to love over the years.

The game has also seen a number of updates in its time, The Imperial City being the first in August 31st 2015 and then to console September 15th. Following this was Orsinium November 2015, Thieves Guild March 2016, Dark Brotherhood May 2016 for PC then June 2016 for console, Shadow of the hist, One Tamriel in October 2016 with the announcement of player homes coming this year.

This DLC is called Homestead, released 21st of February, it was a free update that introduced 40 different player homes, from apartments, homes, manors or even an island. with over 2000 decorative items you can make your home truly unique. With a tutorial available in game, you can acquire your very first home for free. For anyone interested in all the details on Homestead, about your first free home or any of the basics you can follow this link to the Elder Scrolls Online website.

Of course, this isn’t the only DLC information we have received lately. Morrowind will be coming to the Elder Scrolls Online this June as a global release. The first game play trailer was recently released giving players a tantalising glimpse into what the new DLC has to offer. Players will be able to return to Morrowind to take up arms to save the world from destruction, with a massive new zone, familiar locations like Seyda Neen and Vivex City from Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. New armour and weapons will of course be available alone with new enemy’s and encounters and even a new player class, the Warden.

To preorder the game or for more information you can go to the Elder Scrolls website here, 

Here is the first glimpse game-play trailer


Written by: Damian Tack

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