The XBLG sit down with Lindsey Stirling


Here at XBLG, we’re big fans of Lindsey Stirling and her creative talent for fusing her classically trained stylings with electronic flavour to create an awesome sub-genre!


We’re no stranger to the talented songstress, we’ve been lucky enough to have a sit down with her before, but we couldn’t resist the chance to have a chat with her once more and ask some more questions!



If you could say anything to Piers Morgan after your initial rejection from Americas Got Talent what would it be?  

Honestly, I would say thank you. I mean, at the time I felt deeply hurt, traumatised, and humiliated; but the fact is that this experience gave me the determination to prove AGT wrong. I look back and just feel very grateful. 


The gaming world has slowly become a part of your music, the videos at the very least, what do you think kicked this off? 

When I was first starting out and getting my YouTube channel going, Devin Graham (devinsupertramp) and I collaborated on most of my videos. When he suggested we do a “Zelda

Medley”arrangement because the new Zelda game was coming out, I was all for it! I really enjoyed playing Zelda as a kid so the music was nostalgic for me. After releasing the video it went viral, and that’s when a good number of my gamer fans subscribed. Per popular request, I later created “Assassin’s Creed,”“Game of Thrones,”and “Pokemon”covers.


Do you ever listen to video game soundtracks in your spare time?

I definitely have to take time to study the music and the games I cover (I know how particular gamers can be haha), and I have to say that the music is amazing. I wouldn’t do covers of games if I didn’t love the music to begin with.


If you could be doing anything else other than music what would it be?

I really wouldn’t want to be doing anything else, but if I had to choose I think I would be a motivational speaker for teens, specifically teenage girls.


If you could step into the shoes of any video game character who would you chose?

Hmmmm…that’s a toughy. I love the idea of being Link but since he’s actually a male character I think I would be Misty from Pokemon. 


Whats your most memorable accomplishment so far?

I was pretty excited when “Crystallize”went gold in the USA. My goal is to get a gold album this time around (crossing my fingers!)



Do you have an affinity with any instruments, apart from the violin?

I played piccolo flute in Jr. high school and even played the baritone in high school for a semester. But I chose not to pursue either of them further because I didn’t have enough time to master them all and I wanted to focus on violin.


Are you an avid gamer yourself? If not, are there any titles you’ve seen that really make you want to get into it?  

I love playing games, especially Mario and Just Dance, but sadly I don’t have a lot of time to play. Sometimes we “settle down”after a show by playing games on the bus, but most of the time we just crash (so tired!)


Do you think classical music, and as a by-product video game soundtracks, is an overlooked genre? 

I definitely appreciate classical music as I was classically trained. I think the reason that I love video game soundtracks so much is because they actually tell a story. All of the music I create has a meaning/story/purpose behind them. I love telling a story with a song (as you can see from my videos haha, and even though most of my songs don’t have lyrics most people are able to feel and understand the emotions I’m trying to express.  It’s amazing really…that non-verbal communication can speak just as loudly (or louder) than words and can have that powerful of an affect on someone.  


Do you think your success will inspire others to fuse genres in a similar fashion?

I hope so. There are definitely artists I have looked up to, who have inspired me along the way (Vanessa Mae, Bond, David Garrett, Michael Jackson, Avril Lavingne). My ultimate hope is that

I can inspire others to achieve their dreams, love themselves, and make this world a better place. 


If you were trapped on an island but could take one thing with you (anything at all) what would it be?

If I was on an island I wouldn’t want to be by myself so…definitely a person haha. Probably my sister Brooke.


Is there a country/venue you’ve enjoyed playing the most?

Oh gosh…I have performed for so many amazing places. I would have to say that one of my favourite experiences was when I went to Italy for the Celtic Festival. It was early in my career after

AGT when I was just managing myself. Going into the performance, I thought I was just going to be one of many acts, but when I arrived I realised I was the headliner haha. I was literally dumbfounded! I had brought my parents with me, spent about a week there, and had so much fun!


Where would you love to play but perhaps haven’t just yet?

I would really like to do a Latin America/South American tour. I have so many amazingly supportive fans there; fans who have been supporting me for years, and whom I have not yet had that opportunity to meet.


Lindsey’s new album Shatter Me is available over on iTunes and she’ll be touring it throughout this year, so please head over to for more information!





Written by: Ben Rayner

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