Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 – New Trailer


Today Activision have released a new game-play trailer for Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5.




Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 is due for release on Xbox One within the UK on the 2/10/15 with the Xbox 360 release date still to be announced. The game offers pretty much everything that the previous titles have, and the developers are taking the game back to the routes from a design perspective and trying to rekindle the style of the classic Pro Skater titles.




The game promises to offer a Levelling up system (Career & Multi-player), classic trick combos, Hidden Characters, Create a Park with Community share. The on-line multilayer capacity is up to 20 players. Hopefully this will mean that some of the maps are larger than previous titles.


Unfortunately Tony Hawks  Pro Skater 5 won’t support on-line functionality for Xbox 360. 

With Neversoft no longer being around to make this title, THPS5 is currently being made by Robomodo and Disruptive Games. 


With Neversoft no longer being around to make this title, THPS5 is currently being made by Robomodo and Disruptive Games. Hopefully the game will offer as much fun as the previous titles have.


So will you be buying Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 ? I personally can’t wait and look forward to spending hours creating and sharing my maps. Hopefully this title will offer more grinding than Destiny. 





Written by: Jason Lauchlan

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