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After a long day of covering many different press conferences, the time has come to sit down and see what Ubisoft have to show. Their showcases can be a hit or miss affair most years, and with not a lot of information to go off of this year, it would be interesting to say the least.

The show opened with a big dance number that once again signalled the return of Just Dance for its 2019 iteration. The opening dance sequence to the show didn’t actually show off much in the way of gameplay, but it is nice to see that Ubisoft were ready to put on a show.
The dancers left the stage without a clear date for release but we will just have to make do with a dancing panda until we do get a date.


Beyond Good and Evil 2 was the next game up on stage and by god, this was one of the greatest trailers for this years E3 so far. The games story is shaping up to be something of absolute epic proportions.
Soon after the trailer there was an announcement about gameplay, also actor Joseph Gordon Levitt came out on stage to talk about a collaboration with Ubisoft and his company HitRecord to talk about community created content for the games environment.

Rainbow Six: Siege was up next to announce the milestone of 35 million players reached by this game. It is hard to imagine a competitive squad shoot becoming one of the biggest E-sports titles in the modern gaming scene.
Players can enter into a series of competitions that Ubisoft are launching to support their highly successful title.

Trials creative director Antti Ilvessuo made one hell of an entrance onto the stage. He then spoke breifly about the success of the series. Next the first trailer for Trails Rising was shown for the first time, the game will now support 8 players at once and a cause for mayhem, tantrums and broken controllers all over again.
The team also worked with Trials streamers, speed runners and professional players to help reconfigure the games tutorial and build on certain mechanics. Instead of waiting for feedback the developers enlisted the people who have played the games possibly more than themselves.

Next on show was Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2, this was already showcased at the Xbox E3 Press conference, though at this show they went into more depth. There was a new trailer shown off and more emphasis put onto the games story and new mechanics, the introduction of 8 player end game raids was also announced.

The collaboration with Nintendo was up next when the Rabbids appears on stage. Last years Mario + Rabbids Battle Kingdom will receive a new character in the form of Donkey Kong, this marks the lasting relationship with Nintendo and Ubisoft.
Though while the trailer was being shown, the games composer came in stage with a live band to play the games original score. This was an excellent part of the show and let Ubisoft show off their more creative side of the brand.

Skull & Bones was next up from Ubisoft. The games announcement last year made the title look like a rip of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag but without any of the Assassin sections of the game. This year I was pleasantly surprised to see a visual overhaul, new mechanics and systems in place. The ship combat look far more in depth and the danger out on the sea seemed more perilous than ever.
There was a trailer for the game which you can find by clicking this link. I felt the gameplay would be much more interesting to show you readers though, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Actor and Co-founder of Spectre Vision, Elijah Wood then came out on stage to talk about a project this his studio and Ubisoft collaborated on. The title is called Transference, it is an physiological thriller and based around enter the mind of other people and seeing what goes on in a deranged persons skull.

Next up was a game shown at last years Ubisoft press conference, a title called Starlink: Battle for Atlas. The game is about space ship combat, though switching weapons on a peripheral during combat can switch the weapons in game on your ship.
The trailer for this game looked interesting, though the Nintendo Switch release of the game will see players piloting as the great Starfox (check out the mini trailer here). This is a special character for those lucky Switch owners.

The team behind For Honor came out next, they announced the success and constant support and balancing of their year 1 content while announcing the game is free for a week on Uplay via PC. The next set of heroes to be added to the game will be released in the Marching Fire update and will see the addition of warriors for the Chinese Wu-Lin dynasty.

The penultimate game on show was The Crew 2, which is releasing in a few days. This part of the show felt more like a shoehorn rather than anything meaningful to announce to the public.

Then the big announcement at the end of the evening went to Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, the latest title will once again be in the distant past. The setting is Greece and it is the time of great heroes and myth, you playable character will be a choice at the beginning of the game; players can chose either a male of female character to play through the game as.
The studio had 3 years to work upon this, and after last years Assassin’s Creed: Origins I found it hard to one up that game graphically. Odyssey appears to be running with very smooth visuals and designed with 4K resolution in mind. This will be a great game to kick back and enjoy toward the end of the year.

That was all on show from Ubisoft this year at E3, one of the better shows and some outstanding trailer made this rather enjoyable to watch. We hope to find out more about these titles in the coming days.

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Written by: Calum Petrie

I am the Editor-In-Chief for XBLGamerhub and I also write for some other sites. I am a massive fan of gaming and enjoy reviewing comic books and graphic novels.

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