Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade – Interview with Miguel Caron


In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war…but in the grim darkness of 2015 this will hopefully be confined into our gaming rooms and on our sofas! I was lucky enough to sit down at my computer and talk with Miguel Caron, head of BHVR Interactive who are currently developing Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade. The game was announced near enough a year ago and tonnes of questions are surrounding it so I thought I’d get the latest information for our readers. The interview was recorded in its entirety can be viewed in the video below:

We are aware of the video going out of sync towards the end, this was due to a broken voxcaster that has been purified

So, first off we chatted about BHVR Interactive and their unique take on the NDA (that’s non-disclosure agreement for anyone unfamiliar with games industry practise of not talking about projects under contract). The interesting thing about BHVR is that they have no NDAs, no marketing firewalls, nothing. They show anything they want, whenever they want and sometimes even merely when asked about it. This means that BHVR are happy to show off anything they have including concepts, WIP assets, unfinished gameplay footage, etc. Now, why hasn’t someone done this before? Well, a lot of companies feel that showing their product unfinished could negatively affect the title as it misrepresents the final vision they have in mind. BHVR counter this argument with that it gives players insight into how much work goes into a game along with seeing how much assets can evolve from concept to final implementation. BHVR are also using this to their advantage and it shows, more or less, totally honesty on their part. They show you exactly what they’re working on and their vision and show it to you as they craft it. This type of honesty really had me thinking that BHVR have actual, pure intention of showing those following the game exactly what we want to see and not blanketing it with marketing jargon which only bodes well!

Now, the nitty-gritty. A few questions were thrown around regarding gameplay and gameplay elements along with what to expect and I can tell you that Miguel has confirmed:

  •           Vehicles will be in the game and work, essentially, as they do in the tabletop. Some vehicles are even being scaled up for their purpose such as the Rhino, which will look as if it can actually hold 10 Space Marines within it. Tanks, transports, they’re in there. Fliers are currently being looked at but may be something to look at post-launch.
  •          The Commander system is real and it sounds great. Teams of three to ten players will form part of larger teams of up to a hundred and the chain of command will actually involve real players working their way up to the War Council. More details of this can be heard in the interview.
  •          Tyranids are indeed very real and will pose a very real threat. A particular faction or stronghold that is performing very well will be more susceptible to Tyranid attacks as they try to destroy/claim strategic areas/resources, which would then leave them more vulnerable to player attacks.
  •          Players of a different race will not be able to player together except in the PvE element of the game. If you want to roll as a Space Marine but your buddy wants to play Eldar you’ll never be friends on the battlefield, only in the Tyranid dungeons.
  •          Instead of a traditional skillset/tree sense of progression, players will improve their stats through gear components they collect on the battlefield or by completing PvE dungeon-equivalents. BHVR are looking to make the game 99% skill-based so that even a player who’s just jumped into the game for the first time will still have a chance at annihilating a player who’s been playing for over a year.
  •          Psykers WILL be present in the game and playable. As they are a big part of the 40K tabletop Miguel made it fairly clear that leaving them out would be been a missed opportunity.
  •          The game is indeed being developed for Xbox One and Playstation 4, though PC currently has the focus and the game will be ported over to consoles when in a fit state. BHVR have actually done a lot of work porting games over to consoles and so this will only help the idea of this happening and happening successfully. In an ideal world Miguel would like it so that players could jump into the battlefield, fight against others, and not be able to determine whether these players are playing on console or PC. In an AMAZINGLY ideal world Miguel would like the game to feature cross-platform combat in the Xbox One players and Playstation 4 players could battle out on the same servers but this is seemingly down to Microsoft and Sony.
  •          There will be no crafting system as in typical MMOs, sewing loin cloths and cooking stew do not sit well in Games Workshop’s universe. Players will however receive loot in the form of components for weapons and armour that they can then use to create variations to increase the power/effectiveness of their gear whilst also making them unique to the player.
  •          Orks are still set to have a free to play spin on them (or, as Miguel elegantly dubbed it, Free to WAAAAAAAGHH!). There will still be Ork Premium which will open up the other classes of Orks but Free to Play will allow players to jump in as your standard Ork Boy and BHVR are confident that this will form an effective balancing method between other factions and the number of Orks. This should make those aware of 40K mythos/gameplay smile big Orky grins.

That is the core cut and dry of the interview but the whole thing is displayed above in a YouTube video. So check it out and be sure to stay here at XBLG with us as we could well be getting some Founders Program codes to give away to our lucky readers! What is the Founder Program, you ask? Well Miguel is confident that E3 will be very good for BHVR but also for those following Eternal Crusade…excited yet?




Written by: Kenny

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