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You may have seen the achievement list for Watch Dogs (Ubisoft) the other day and wondered how you’ll be snagging those pretties as you’re unleashed in the near future Chicago come May the 27th 2014, well straight from the Community Managers (Nik) fingers over at Ubisoft the list has been designated as “Fake”.



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Hey guys,

While it’s great that some are you are still finding new info about the game, I’m afraid most of this is incorrect.

The achievements listed above are fake so anything you have read in there should be disregarded. 
I’m posting this due to concerns that spoilers may have been seen in here… worry not.

Keep checking back with us. We’ll let you know when the real thing is ready to be shared.



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Don’t worry though my fellow Hubbers the World shan’t be at an end due to this bunch of fibs bouncing around the web.  Watch Dogs will be out in less than a month and we here at XBLG with nothing but truths* until then and not only that we will have a storming honest Watch Dogs review for you, but you can bet that Ubisoft will be chucking out even more morsels to keep everybody happy as the weeks fly by.

Now to keep you going enjoy the trailer again –



*Not a guarantee




Written by: Villordsutch

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