Welcome to the militia – Titanfall factions come out to play!


So we know that the dates have been shuffled around to reflect the last publishing schedules, but in March we all get the chance to go play Titanfall! As part of the unveiling, we’re starting to see a bit more about the characters and the back story. Just why do we have amazing battles with giant robots? Part of the deal appears to be a conflict between the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and the Frontier Militia, the military arm of the Frontier systems territorial defence pact. Why this conflict exits, we probably need to go play the game to find out in detail, but all sorts of analogies pop into mind. Are the Militia the Rebel Alliance against the Evil Galactic Empire, or does IMC perhaps better represent the malevolence of Weyland-Yutani? For now let’s just enjoy the building excitement, and take a look at some of the key characters in the Militia


Meet MacAllan, a long serving and highly decorated veteran of the Titan Wars. His history with the militia is shrouded with IMC reports of him leading a mutiny following numerous grievances with the treatment of the Frontier settlers, with the incident never proven due to the disappearance of the flight recorder of the vessel he was serving on. Now a key part of the militia, MacAllan’s integrity seems to be what has driven him to join.


Bish is NOT short for Bishop (no Aliens echo there then) but Bishamon, the god of warriors from the Japanese Seven Gods of Fortune. Another defector from IMC, this time Bish is an electrical engineer who moved to the Frontier only to get screwed over by IMC and loosing all of his savings in the process. The Militia made an offer to him following a now notorious bar fight, and he serves as a Combat Intel Specialist. Bish is your hacker and also gives guidance to Titan Pilots on the ground.


Now before I introduce Sarah I want to share a couple of things. One is that it’s good to see a strong female character in the game who hasn’t been overtly tarted up as some form of eye candy, and based on her biography she looks to have a strong role in the game. The second is I don’t want to see some sort of token gender balance in games. Let’s have well written and developed characters who have contributions to a games narrative based on who they are and their experience and skills, not some poorly imagined gender driven role!

Rant over, let’s meet her. Sarah lost a number of close family members as a child, as a result of enforced displacement of citizens by IMC. As a result, she has sworn vengeance on IMC at each and every opportunity, with a promise to fight until IMC have been swept clear of the Frontier systems. Much of her Militia career has been in Covert Operations, until moving into a command position in the Marauder Corps. Her list of successful attacks has placed her on the IMC High Value Target List as one of the 50 most dangerous militia operatives. Clearly a woman to be respected!

Lot’s to like in what is being teased out here by Respawn Entertainment. Let’s hope they have kept plenty in reserve for the game! For now, why not sit back and enjoy the Angel City Gameplay trailer and watch MacAllan and co go to work.


Written by: David

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