XBLG Cosplay Spotlight: Glenn Mcfadden



What is your name and where are you from?  Do you have any aliases?

I’m Glenn McFadden ,From the Republic of Ireland and go by MeltingArmyMen




What kind of costumes/props do you have? Which prop/costume is your favorite and why?

I mostly have Halo and Monster hunter armours and weapons but have many other props from other games, anime and some original concepts.
My favorite so far is the shantien armor, it has alot of bulk to it and the colours came out better than I expected. It has alot of impact when people see it up close as well which is always good.



b2ap3_thumbnail_559804_588003167891115_1184603583_n.jpg               b2ap3_thumbnail_557191_467399253284841_682732322_n.jpg













How long have you been doing costume/prop making? What got you into Costume/prop making?

I’ve been making costumes and props since 15 at least. My older sister introduced me into cosplay, but Halo is what really got me into doing larger builds.

What kind of projects have you been involved in? Anything big or worth mentioning?

I have taken part in the odd things like cosplay show case but other than that just commissions and my own projects .

Do you have any Conventions you go to regularly?  Have you done anything extraordinary worth mentioning at one of these conventions?
I go yearly to Arcadecon ,Nomcon and Eirtakon and there is always the odd con that comes up that I attend as well. I do cosplay competitively and competed in Euro cosplay Championship 2013.


b2ap3_thumbnail_1061500_734764493214981_115466297_n_20140122-224144_1.jpg     b2ap3_thumbnail_1533233_734765216548242_1275012296_n_20140122-224201_1.jpg


What are you plans for the future in your costume/prop making?

I have a couple of big cosplays coming up and I am still just in planning at the moment. These will be even more impressive than anything i have done before.

Is there anything you want to add about yourself?  

I believe anyone can cosplay, regardless of money. They just have to put in the time and effort. A well made cosplay will always look better than an expensive one.



Check out MeltingArmyMen at: 

Melting Props – For his Facebook Page

MeltingArmyMen – For some deviant art images of cosplays 





Written by: collin

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