Xbox Game Pass – An Offer Too Good To Pass!


To the surprise of some of us, the Xbox  monthly game subscription (not unlike your favourite streaming services), that is Xbox Game Pass is currently going for £3! The monthly sub normally sets you back £7.99 but right now you can save £4.99 and not only that, but you can also stack this offer!

Whether this deal was intended, or an error we can’t confirm, but I can confirm that I have myself purchased thirteen months of the Xbox Game Pass for £39. Unfortunately there seems to be some confusion as to why the offer is only available to specific accounts and not others so it is worth signing in and perhaps taking opportunity of this deal if it works for you, especially with Sea Of Thieves coming out next month.

Microsoft have recently revealed that Xbox Game Pass would now include exclusive Xbox games at launch amongst the library of over 100 titles available to play, the first of which we’ll see are Sea Of Thieves and the long awaited Crackdown 3.

To subscribe to the service you can do so here.

Thanks to Postabargain for the heads up!

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Written by: Steph Dumont

IT Support Tech by day, achievement hunter pro wannabe gamer by night and XBLG newbie. Voted 'The One' at Extinction that one time with Xbox UK (well, it sounds cool anyway). Also love burgers, milkshakes, road trips, watching mostly everything TV, 4K movies, my cat Sammy (he's actually waaay cooler than me and I think he knows it), everything techy, MS and my XBOX!

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